119 Still Life Bag with Pears


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Still Life: Bag with Pears (No. 119)

This bag strives for the quiet delicacy and understated sexy allure of 18th century paintings of tables laden with the fruits of fall harvests.

Pears are the quintessential fall fruit. Unlike the apple which will keep in a root cellar, the pear demands to be savoured now. This bag, like the fruit that adorn it, calls out to be knit at once. Whether you are partial to pears suffused with a red blush evocative of falling leaves, chaste white pears like falling snow, or the green of pears before they ripen in mid summer, this bag will give you a sense of abundance.

Roomy and unstructured, draped with luscious fruit knit in the round, this bag is just the way to treat yourself as you knit for other people in anticipation of the holidays.


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