Ashford Rainbow Wool Dye Collection


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Contains 3 primary colours – Scarlet, Blue and Yellow
and one pot dyeing instructions.

Enjoy this exciting kit and make all the colours of the rainbow.
The one pot dye method produces all the colours in one cook up!

Specifications:  Rainbow Wool Dye Kit 3 x 10gm tubs – Scarlet, Yellow and Blue.

Using Ashford wool dyes it is quick, safe, easy and the possibilities are unlimited.
Ashford dyes are very easy to use and the colours are clear and bright. The dyes
are for wool, silk and other animal (protein) fibres and are fully concentrated with only
10gm dyeing 1kg of fibre or yarns. They are safe and non toxic and require only white
vinegar to fix them. Use stove top method or microwave method. Full instructions
included with each kit

The colour wheel has three primary colours – yellow scarlet and blue – from which all other colours are mixed.


Secondary Colours:
Yellow + Blue  =     Green
Blue + Red     =      Violet
Red + Yellow  =      Orange

Tertiary Colours:
Blue + Violet= Blue-Violet

Blue + Green= Blue-Green
Yellow + Green= Yellow-Green
Yellow + Orange= Yellow-Orange
Red + Orange= Red-Orange
Red + Violet= Red-Violet

Shades shown may differ from the actual shade due to screen resolution
Weight .030 kg

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