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Yarn:  Crucci    Natural Wonder Colours   Natural Wonder Groove   Slouch & Couch     Frizzy Wool    Aquarius    Hippie Hanks   Machine Wash 8ply

Woolly  Crafty 8ply   Crafty Marles 8ply    Crafty Prints 8ply

Design 1
Granny Squares (Crochet)
approx size 110cm  x  80cm
Natural Wonder Groove Qty  5 balls of two different colours = 10 balls
Design 2
Plum Throw
approx size 140cm x 95cm
Slouch & Couch Qty   10 hanks
Design 3
Mexican Throw
approx size 118cm
Machine Wash 8ply  Qty 14 balls of main colour
Frizzy Wool Qty 4 balls of two different colours = 8 balls
Design 4
Cable Cushion
approx size 50cm x 50cm
Natural Wonder Colours  Qty  6 balls
Design 5
Oceans Throw
approx 160cm x 110cm
Aquarius  Qty  10 balls of main colour                         1 ball of 3 different colours = 3
Design 6
Angel Throw
  approx 120cm x 155cm
 Aquarius Qty  5 balls of main colour       4 balls of contrast colours
 Design 7
Juliet's Throw
 approx 165cm  x 95cm
Natural Wonder Groove  Qty 20 balls
Design 8
Jane's Knee Blanket
 Approx 120cm  x  55cm
Hippie Hanks Qty 5 hanks
Design 9
Knee Blanket
    approx 76cm  x  76cm
Natural Wonder Colours  Qty 5 balls
Design 10
Nic Nac Baskets
approx 12cm across rim
Crafty 8ply  Qty 1 hank of three different colours = 3 hanks
Design 11
Crochet Cushion
approx 50cm  x 50cm
Natural Wonder Colours Qty 5 balls of main colour    2 balls of contrast colour
Design 12
Fur Baby Blankets
approx 110cm x 155cm
Machine Wash 8ply Qty 10 balls of three different colours = 30 balls
Frizzy Wool Qty 15 balls




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