Premium Pure Wool Cushion Fill


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Approx 410g

Pure Wool Cushion Fill
Their proprietary knopping process is unique and produces a cushion filling product that is resilient, it will not clump or compact down, it is long lasting, eco friendly and proudly NZ made from 100% sustainable New Zealand sheep wool. This is a premium fill and vastly superior to current polyester based fills offers through your channel.

Wool Life Pure Wool Cushion Fill is made from 100% pure NZ sheep wool. The wool is entangled into tight little wool knops. The result is the wool is crush resistant and lofty. This product is ideally suited to fill for cushions and pillows, pet beds, soft toys and more.

For best results, place your cushions in the sun for 30min every month. The warming will relax and loft the wool fibres, keeping the cushion springy.

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