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Mystery Knit A Long
Join us each week as a new mystery square is revealed when you call into your local Knit World store or online.  When you purchase the
recommended yarn each week you will receive the pattern free to create your own Mystery Baby Blanket.
9 gorgeous squares can be knitted in 9 colours each to form a unique patchwork blanket or knit them all in one shade.
You will have the choice to knit in either 4ply or 8ply/DK
The yarns recommended will be shown on our home page of our website on 31st August  2015 Monday Morning @ 9am
The price of the Wool is approx $34 - $89  depending on what ply you choose

What is a Mystery Knit-A-Long?
A Mystery KAL (Knit-A-Long) is a knit-a-long into which a knitting pattern is broken down into clues. Clues are released one at a time on a set schedule and the participants do not know what they are knitting while they work the clue (i.e. there are no photos).
This is all part of the fun not knowing what you are knitting and trying to guess what you knitting will turn into.

Often Knitters can see a photo of a project and get overwhelmed by its intricacy and decide there is no way they are going to attempt the pattern(even if they are perfectly capable of knitting it). With Mystery KAL’s there is no photo to incite fear.....you just get your clue and follow it word for word. Many knitters find an incredible amount of confidence while working Mystery KAL’s as they find out what they (and their needles are really capable of)

How do I register for this?
Call into your Local Knit World Shop or Purchase online the Yarn recommended and let us know that you are going to do the Mystery Knit-A-Long so we have a record that you are taking part.

InStore you get your pattern once you have purchased the yarn and online we will post the clue to you along with the yarn. Or buy the yarn in one lot online or InStore and we will email you the free pattern each week

Dates to Remember to either come into your local  Knit World store or Purchase the yarn online

WEEK 1:        31st  August – 5th  September                                 WEEK  2:        7th – 12th September    

WEEK 3:       14th – 19th September                                                WEEK 4:       21st – 26th September

WEEK 5:      28th September – 3rd October                                 WEEK 6:      5th – 10th October

WEEK 7:     12th – 17th October                                                         WEEK 8:    19th – 24th October  

WEEK 9:    16th - 31st  October

 The Konjac Sponge
Konjac is reputed for its health giving properties & used by the
Japanese for over 1500 years, having originally been used as a
At-Onemedicine in the sixth century.
Click Here for more info on the Face Konjac Sponge
Click Here for more info on the Body Konjac Sponge

Regards The Knit World Team
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