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It is Wellington Anniversary Weekend so the following shops will be closed on Monday 23 January
Wellington, Lower Hutt, Levin, Palmerston North and the Office.

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Knit World's Charity this year 

Help make a difference to those that have suffered the grief of losing a baby by knitting or crocheting a Baby Angel Pocket or Blanket 

Miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss are an unfortunate fact of life and yet are rarely spoken about. Statistics tell us that in just over one per cent of pregnancies, a baby may die (including stillbirth, perinatal and infant death). And this doesn’t take account of babies that die before 20 weeks’ gestation – for which there are no official figures. Miscarriage and baby loss are common – if we haven’t experienced it ourselves, we know of someone who has.
The Sands Baby Angel Pockets & Blankets project is a way of supporting families who are experiencing the grief of losing a baby while raising awareness of the issue and letting people know that there is support available through Sands.
When families lose a baby – at any stage from an early miscarriage, stillbirth to the first few years of life – the effect is devastating and far reaching. It is a shock, a nightmare, a shattering of dreams.
Sands know from experience that these Angel Pockets & Blankets will touch the hearts of parents facing the grief of losing a baby. A small gift that carries so much warmth and love.
The Angel Pockets & Blankets are simple to make: either knitted or crocheted.

Who are Sands?
Sands was established in New Zealand in 1986 and is a national charity. They are a parent-run, non-profit organisation, entirely run by volunteers who have experienced the loss of a baby ourselves.
Sands aim is to raise awareness of baby loss so that families who go through it don’t feel isolated and alone.

Click here for more information and the pattern download links :-)

 Knit Pro Royale Interchangeable Set
  • Perfect gift set for knitters of all skill levels
  • Exquisite finish
  • Elegant packaging
  • An ideal gift for the knitter:
    A boxed set of 8 Royale Interchangeable Needles
    in a Paris theme wooden box
  • Easy to connect cable with a smooth join that
    enables easy stitch glide and no snagging
  • Resilient, flexible cables lay flat, with no kink
    or twist – easy to store


Knitters Hand Cream

Your hands can suffer from the rigours of day to day living. They’re affected by wind, sun,
hot and cold weather, harsh cleaning agents and the many tasks which they are required
to perform daily. Care for you hands naturally with Knitters Hand Cream

Use to look after the hands that do all the work.
Great to use before or after knitting with lavender essential oil to help you relax while
knitting and the orange essential oil for helping with your creativity. It is made from
natural plant deriatives and essential oils – no chemicals or animal products used.
Tested only on knitters. Ideal for keeping in your knitting bag.

Made in New Zealand exclusively for Knit World


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